What a Difference a Little Cloth Can Make

Beautiful fabrics make all of the grossness that drips and spews out of babies a little less offensive. I fell head over heels in love with some flannel prints a while back and decided to make some cloth wipes. Some rockets, some dinosaurs… The softness of the flannel is so sweet against my baby’s skin when there’s spit up dripping down into his shirt and lodged under his neck. When I’ve been hit… like that time the spit up fired directly into the hood of my freshly washed sweatshirt, the soft flannel rockets were the way to clean up my little guy’s face. And the more textured terry on the reverse helped me scoop the rest out of my hood.

There’s nothing like being out and about with your adorable baby all by yourself, and having an unexpected wave of grossness hit. To me, it feels like hundreds of eyes are on me and they’re all waiting to find out, “is she prepared?” But, after whipping a rocket ship cloth wipe out of my shirt (yes, tucked under my bra strap like a grandma) in the line at the market the other day, I wondered if cloth might always distract onlookers from their investigating. While I collected the mountain of drool, the only thing the customers around me seemed to notice was the adorable cloth wipe. “We didn’t have things like that when my kids were small” and “what a beautiful burp cloth!” Meanwhile, my worries that the drool soaking all the way through my Boba wrap and onto my skin would leave me somewhat exposed (think scary wet t-shirt contest) were abated.