Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Until After I Had A Baby

Registering for what I’d need after my baby arrived was a daunting task. I did way more research than necessary and stressed myself out in the process. There were 5 things I had no idea how much I’d need until after I met the little guy! Be sure to check out all 5 posts in this series before completing your registry or buying your next baby gift!

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Baby Wrap or Carrier. Sometimes babies want to be held nonstop. Maybe he’s sick or tired or cranky or just loves you a little extra and wants to show it. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hold and snuggle babies! I especially love to hold my own baby. Sometimes though, I also want to get up from the rocking chair or give my back a break from the alternating one arm hip hold. When he was small, I loved my Organic Boba wrap for that. I recently bought a Lenny Lamb toddler carrier and am in heaven again. I have found both the wrap and carrier are great for breastfeeding too. Not only do I love to wear my baby around the house, but I also wear my baby for stroller-less errands! Bakery? Babywear! Grocery store with the whole cart available for food? Babywear! And, the majority of love I have for babywearing is about the snuggle, what I can accomplish while we snuggle is just an added bonus! Update- now that Baby #2 has arrived, I have fallen IN LOVE with Tula’s new Free to Grow Soft Structured Carrier. I needed a SSC to use until my little guy was big enough for my Lenny Toddler and this was the perfect solution. It adjusts to fit newborns and at 15 months- he’s still comfortable!

The OTHER 4 things I didn’t know I needed are here!

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Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Until AFTER I Had A Baby

Cuticle Scissors. Thank you to my friend Anne. The first time I almost ruined my son’s life was when I clipped the tip of his pudgy little baby finger with the baby nail clippers. The nail clippers came with our thermometer, another pair with our baby first aid kit and another with some bottles. You’d think that means they are the best way to cut a baby’s claws… I mean nails. I swore I’d never cut them again. He wore adorable baby mittens. Eventually though I started worrying about the impact of the mittens on his self esteem and social development if I sent him to kindergarten in them. Anne recommended I try cuticle scissors. What makes these THE ANSWER is that you can see with your own eyes what is between the two sharp pieces of metal. You can also slide them around into just the right position. If you’re giving someone a baby gift that comes with baby nail clippers, rip it open and replace them with cuticle scissors and a note! Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter so that you don’t miss the other 4 Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Until AFTER I Had A Baby posts!