Baked Curry Bites or Nuggets

These baked curry bites are the perfect nuggets for my little nuggets. They are delicious with all kinds of dips- and plain too.

These yummy curry bites were the answer to a weeks long food rut at our house. Sometimes it takes days of PB&J and plain elbows & beans to create a recipe at delicious as this one. So… kids, I’m not sorry! It was worth it!


These bites were inspired by a recipe in one of Jenna Helwig’s cookbooks that I used to make quite often for my oldest when he was a baby. Back then, we were doing our best to eat healthy foods- but that didn’t mean vegan. Now, we are working hard to eat only whole, plant based foods… unfortunately that meant those old curry bites were out.

So when I finally couldn’t bare to make another PB&J last week, I got busy recipe tweaking and testing. They are a deliciously neutral base for dipping. Our favorite way to eat them has been dipping them in marinara sauce. It’s reminiscent of a mozzarella stick to me. The consistency is great. They DON’T last long. We make them long and thin- kind of like those scooping chips, and they get crispy this way. You can’t resist them when you pass them in the kitchen. So expect no leftovers.


Baked Curry Bites