Breakfast in One Hand

The recipe that solved my hangry mornings and got me to work on time!

Spray baking pan and preheat oven to 350. I use a 6 cavity silicone baking pan by Wilton for this, but you could use a casserole dish and adjust the baking time. The important part is that your egg patty fits in your sandwich!


  • 7 eggs
  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 cup milk (I use Almond)
  • 2 cups of chopped steamed veggies (drained)
  • English muffins, Sandwich Thins, Pockets, Bread, Wraps…
  • Cooking Spray

1. Mix eggs, egg whites and milk

2. Divide veggies among 10 sections of the silicone baking pans. Add egg mixture, filling about 2/3 high. 

3. Bake 30 minutes, until tester toothpick comes out dry.

4. Make a sandwich of egg patty and your bread of choice. Enjoy!

4. Allow egg patties to cool and refrigerate for up to a week.



Mom Survival Stories: Morning

Eating and showering are for over achievers, right? Here’s how one mom figured out how to survive mornings with a toddler, clean and nourished!

If you can just manage to eat in the morning, there’s a good chance you’ll survive the day. It sounds deceivingly simple. I was lucky enough to spend the whole summer home with my one year old. (I was even luckier that his grandmothers took him on Mondays and Fridays!!!) Eating before nausea and starvation set in, I learned was my secret weapon. The logistical prowess to pull that off though… seemed akin to wedding planning. Every. Day.

For a good chunk of the summer, I showered in the morning. It was a great way to start the day. Every day, no matter what I was covered in, I could think back to 6:45- when I felt clean and human… and maybe even looked a little like myself. By August though, the honeymoon was over and my favorite toddler was done letting me shower. My little Houdini had started planning his escape from the seat I strapped him into every morning for my 6 minutes of spa-like bliss. I knew I was in trouble the day he popped his head under the shower curtain to laugh and scream his toddler ‘hello.’ For the next week my showers were stressful. They were full of extra special baby toys- here, play with these ice cube trays- sore throat causing baby songs, and a magically moving baby. One day, I opened the shower curtain to find only one leg still strapped into his seat, and the rest of his body under an open drawer. Finally, I had to push my personal hygiene off to nap time, for everyone’s safety.

During the clean period, as I wistfully remember it, I lazily (read: as fast as humanly possible- but sitting down, which was amazing enough) drank my coffee and ate my breakfast during my son’s first nap. Whether it was a dreamy 90 minutes or a 30 minute crap nap, I’d be nourished and caffeinated the next time I saw his cute little face. Once he started mastering the big escape though, I often found myself just starting to make my breakfast as he woke up. I’d hop in the shower the second the monitor showed me that his little bum was in the air, and he was squishing his face into his mattress for the dreaming to begin. Too often, I’d be cranky and nauseous by noon and have zero patience… even if I was still clean. 

Was I a terrible person? No. I was hungry. It occurred to me, that when my little guy took a morning crap nap- maybe 70% of the time- I wasn’t eating. And I was usually waking up for a 3AM feeding and up for real at 5:30. And I’m a breakfast person! So that’s a miserable combination.

Check back this weekend for the #1handedmeal recipe that saved me from starvation and saved my son from his monster mom.