Moon Cakes

Pancakes, crepes, muffins… You can make all of those things with this recipe. Warning: Make more than you need because you will munch while you cook. Last night I had the idea that I might want to see just how crepe-like these could be. I made a really thin, giant moon cake and wrapped it around raspberries and dark chocolate chips. I lost about half the batter to that experiment. Also, we’re suddenly out of raspberries…

These are currently our favorite food. That’s actually been true for a few months now. At first I was comfortable giving these to my little guy because they really did melt and dissolve. Now I’m hooked on the variety of flavors that I can so easily introduce. (And how cute his little fingers are feeding himself!)

These moon cakes happen tofreeze really well. So if you love make ahead food that you can fill your freezer with- you will be in love. I always have a giant zipper freezer bag full of them, in a variety of flavors, ready to go. I pack 2 frozen muffin shaped moon cakes with finger food fruit and a frozen oatmeal for breakfast when I work. Easy to make ahead!


  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • Optional: blueberries, strawberries, veggies… (the sky’s the limit!)


Mix the banana and eggs using an immersion blender, a fork or any other mixer. The texture will change depending on how you mix- but they are all delicious. You can add your flavorings before mixing or when cooking. Again- anything goes. When I am adding blueberries I like to do it before using the immersion blender- for some reason I think they look more muffin like that way.


Stove Top: Spoon batter onto a hot griddle. Add cut up strawberries (or other topping). When bubbles cover most of batter, carefully flip like a pancake!

Bake: Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Fill greased mini-muffin trays with batter. [Tip- if you mixed using a blender, let the batter sit for a few minutes before baking. The blending sometimes whips in air, and I’ve baked ’empty’ moon cakes before. #fail] Add toppings. Bake for around 15 minutes.

Yields 18 pancake like moon cakes or 12 mini muffin moon cakes. Double the recipe to allow for the munching you’ll do. It’s unavoidable!