Best Spinach & Artichoke Balls

Need an appetizer that’s quick and delicious? Try these vegan spinach and artichoke balls at your next party (or for yourself tomorrow night). They are low prep and high success! They make a great passed hors d’oeuvres plain or a plated appetizer with marinara dipping sauce. This is also a delicious addition to your brunch menu!

I have been on a quest to recreate the comforting flavor of the spinach balls of my past… The crunch on the outside, the gooey inside… But I was trying to do it without the cheese, the oil and the butter. The results are delicious! I know because I ate the entire last batch myself with all intentions of saving some for my napping kids. They woke up to PB&J… and a very happy mama:) Try it out and let me know what you think!!


Spinach & Artichoke Balls


Top 10 Gifts for Your Vegan Dad

Looking for the perfect gifts for Dad? Look no further! I’ve compiled the BEST and widest range of ideas perfect for your favorite Vegan Dad!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and dads can be so hard to buy for! Here is a list of great vegan-friendly gift ideas that are a hit in my house. My favorite gifts are those that once you give them, you can revisit and refresh them year after year… So- be on the lookout for one of those on this list!

CoffeePeet’s Major Dickason’s Dark Roast is the only coffee we drink at my house. We got hooked on it a few years ago and now most of our family is also hooked. All it took was one major holiday, and everyone was asking what kind of coffee they were drinking. We also grind the beans. I thought that was SO ridiculous until I tasted the difference! So, spoil your guy with coffee or an awesome grinder (or both)! Here is our favorite grinder… and we’ve had a few over the years!

Air Fryer… These are all the rage right now. If you are trying to avoid oil in your diet, but miss the crispy crunch of the foods from your past, this is for you. We have this Go Wise Air Fryer.

Unique Wallet... My best friend has the coolest wallet ever. His girlfriend got it for him as a gift, and everyone NEEDS one. It’s super strong because it’s made of Tyvek. Hey! If it’s strong enough to build a house- I trust it with my cash! There are also a bunch of cool designs.

Insta Pot… Another cooking trend. These gadgets are great because they are pretty “all in one.” They can do what your pressure cooker does and what your crock pot does, and also help you can things and make yogurt. I have not gotten as adventurous as yogurt YET… but it is on my to do list! Right now, I have some go to recipes that are quick to make in the Insta Pot, shortened from the all day commitment they once required. Here’s the one we have and love.

Vegan Candies… Everyone has a sweet tooth. Even if it only comes out on occasion, it’s nice to feed it what it wants from time to time. At our house- our go to candies are Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish- both vegan. Here’s an exhaustive list of candies that happen to be vegan.

Spices… Whether you give the gift of herbs to grow at home, or jars of dried spices- this gift idea is a win! Some vegan recipe staples that would be great to have more jars of include: Nutritional Yeast, Cumin, Curry Powder and Chili Powder.

Tortilla Maker… If you are avoiding oil in your diet, this is a fabulous gift! It’s so hard to find oil free tortillas, that many people simply make their own. A tortilla press makes that work much simpler.

Food Dehydrator... This is a great gift for someone hoping to hold on to the bounty of the harvest just a little bit longer! Our littlest is hooked on dehydrated pears and apples, and they are SO expensive to buy. We promised ourselves we’ll dust off our dehydrator before we buy another bag.

Hip T-Shirt… Who doesn’t love a comfy t-shirt? Especially one with a dinosaur! Tell dad he can put his feet up for the day, by giving him just the right clothes for the occasion!

Refresh-able Picture Frame… Let Dad show off those faces that gave him his title! Make it this year, and this gift will give and give for years to come! I’m sure I found this frame at Michael’s or JoAnn’s last year- and I’m even more positive I used a 50% off coupon… even though I knew this gift would be my husband’s Father’s Day gift many times. Why not get a deal, right? So, get yourself a coupon- TWO wooden letters- and keep them in your car for a couple of weeks. Whenever you feel inspired, stage your kids and the letters. On Father’s Day morning you can share all the hilarious outtakes too! Then, set a reminder in your phone about where you stashed the letters so you can find them again next year;)

This post is not sponsored. These are items my family uses and loves! This post includes affiliate links. When you purchase something through one of these links, a small percentage goes back to help support my work on this site. Thanks for your support.

Green Foods Fit for a Leprechaun

Looking for healthy, festive and green holiday food to serve your family for St. Paddy’s Day? Here’s a whole food, plant based menu free of oils and sugars for just that occasion!

St. Paddy’s Day is fast approaching and that means things are about to get a whole lot greener! Here are some whole food, plant based snacks that will delight your favorite little leprechaun! There’s no oil or refined sugar here- so grab a green beer and RELAX.


Let Him Eat Cake

We have been really particular about what foods we feed our one year old. He loves to eat! He doesn’t turn anything down (unless he can see that watermelon is available, and not being shared with him). It just happens that none of the foods we’ve fed him (yet) include wheat or dairy, are made with sugar or are made by not us. It’s worked for us so far. It’s been fine.

As his first birthday approached though, I started to second guess what we’ve been doing. I mean every kid needs a cake to smash- right? A couple of weeks ago, my stomach started twisting a little as the question, “he’s going to have cake though, right?” was posed to me almost daily. In my mind, I started thinking maybe yes… Maybe we’ll just give him cake that day. Because… well, how could we not?

As the big day was approaching though, it occurred to me that we had not introduced ANY of the soon to be new ingredients to our little man yet… and we are usually quite purposeful about introducing new foods in isolation. There wasn’t enough time now, and honestly- I felt relieved.  It turns out I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea of feeding him cake after all. At my house we talk a lot about the addictive nature of added sugar, and how precious this time is before our little guy is exposed. He will have sugar. He’s not going to live under a rock. But for now, I don’t want the taste of a sweet plum or a juicy piece of watermelon to have to compete with cake.

Here’s how I successfully avoided mom guilt- both the guilt I would have felt if I gave in to pressure to ‘let him eat cake’ and the guilt I would have felt if we sang Happy Birthday over a smoothie pop (which would have also been delicious;)! There was just something important about putting a candle in a kid-sized cake and singing. 

I followed my regular Moon Cake recipe and poured the batter into my (greased) two smallest round Corningware baking dishes. One is a 7oz. and the other 16oz. I baked them at 300 degrees for about 30-35 minutes.  After letting them cool, the Moon Cakes shrunk down a bit and pulled themselves away from the perimeter of the baking dishes.  I stacked them like cake, stuck a candle in them and voila! Baby friendly cake!

I whipped this the night before the big day… but would have liked to think up some kind of frosting. I toyed with our yummy avocado smash, but thought it would brown. What would you use to frost it?